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The Partisan Mind

Here's a revealing email exchange. (It was prompted by this column.)


Emailer: "Every time I read some of your leftist hogwash I think to myself... he has finally reached the nexus of assholery ...but then I realize ... you are still evolving"


Me: "The argument I make about excessive centralization is exactly the same argument conservatives, including Stephen Harper, made about the Chretien government. Except now it's "leftist hogwash." Strange, isn't it?"


Emailer: "If what you say is true...where is your article from back then condemning  Chretien when he was enacting excessive centralization ...you were around ...odds are you didn't object to the Liberal policies ..prove me wrong...strange isn't it."


Me: "Actually, no. It's not strange. Here's me making exactly the same criticism of Jean Chretien: http://www.dangardner.ca/index.php/articles/item/148-letat-cest-jean
And here's an up-dated reference: http://www.dangardner.ca/index.php/articles/item/151-stephen-harper-condemns-stephen-harper I have been consistent. Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have not. Period."


Emailer: "The only thing consistent in your articles is chronic Harper bashing...I am sure Stevie Wicary will be pleased to put you up in Havana after Harper wins his next majority and your boy Mulclair is sent packing."


So this person set a precise test to determine whether I am impartial. When I showed clear evidence that I met the test, he ignored the test and evidence -- a good demonstration of how fierce partisans use reason and evidence only as tools in the service of partisan or ideological conclusions which can be overturned by neither reason nor evidence.


#3 Paddy 2013-08-03 01:46
I always thought western rednecks were a bit cuckoo (think Stockwell in wetsuit). They go wild when they spot an eastern liberal mouthing something critical about their demigods. I am glad they somehow got provoked enough to foam in the mouth and expose their true colours. Just keep doing what you are doing, Dan. There's a whole bunch of people who enjoy your words.
#2 Bernice Reid 2012-07-09 14:31
This has to be the same idiot who uses an image of Clint Eastwood as his twitcon ~ he's crowing like a rooster about being in your head on twitter lol
What I find the most pathetic is his claim that Harper will receive a majority in 2015 lol Excuse me, Canadians are *now* waking up to how Harper managed his first *slim* majority last year ~ election fraud lol Stevie has now shown himself for the fascist he is. Old CBC footage from 1991 has made its way to Youtube (not sure how that happened :D ) and clearly shows a young(er) Harper (Reform/Northern Fondation member) vowing to go after Chretien, Mclaughlin *AND* **Mulroney** Progressive Conservative PM at the time.
Harper *fooled* Progressive Conservative members into voting for him with McKays help ~ *THIS* will never happen again, mark my word on this! Effectively, Harper is done and all that will be left is to put everything back the way it was prior to the Reform/Alliance *STEALING* a Canadian election! #roft rot in He[[
#1 Kevin R 2012-07-09 10:25
I love it when someone points out this type of behaviour. It is pure bullying and, in my opinion, is worse in an adult than in a child. Thanks very much for bringing this to light !

Kevin R.

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