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Some Days I Think There's No Hope

One of the few responses I got to this column about marijuana potency:


You must have been stoned when you wrote your article 'The myth of the potent pot'  Pllllllease!  I am from the 70's generation who did smoke the best ... B.C. Bud/Okanagan Gold.....  So do the math... I am in my 50's and no I don't smoke anything anymore but have tried a bit and have friends who still smoke occasionally and say that the pot now is EXTREMELY strong...even for some old pot heads.   You say you have personal experience ......what is your experience?  To advocate that pot is not harmful is just totally irresponsible and frankly laughable. Hey, have another joint and write something like....hmmmmm ...acid or mescaline was really  OK ..... oh you know those crazy 70's.


#1 Murdamcloud 2012-02-21 07:32
Hey Dan, love the book and I predict it will be a bestseller in the near future.
Talking of pot, I saw an interesting documentary about the 'new pot'.

What intrigued me most was the research being done to show different 'types' of THC which possibly had different effects on the minds of users. The higher levels of THC weren't disputed but if that translates to a more powerful high is debatable.

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