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The Answer Is 42

Responding to this column, a reader straightens me out:

Dear Mr. Gardner…I have some news for you.  History is simple; it is not the mystery that you claim it to be.   It’s called follow the money. The banks made the past, they own the present,  and they control the future. They always have and always will. The banks ruined Rome and Greece. It took them a couple of hundred years to do so, but they eventually either killed all the Kings of Europe or reduced them to puppets.

The banks created Oliver Cromwell, they had Charles the First murdered; they sponsored the so called French and Russian Revolutions, and they created WW1 and WW2 , and all the little wars and revolutions since the beginning of time.    When Paul Warburg and Nelson Aldrich, acting on behalf of the Rothschilds, created their Central Bank called the FED in 1913,  they essentially took control of the world most of the world. The rest would soon follow.

The banks have fought every US President since 1776. The Presidents they could not buy or control, they murdered, or at least tried to murder.

You are amazed at the rise of China and the downfall of Europe and America. Wonder no more. No country can complete with the banker’s retooling of industrial China and its slave wages. During the worst depression in the world, the 1930’s, the banks put their money into Nazi Germany and it flourished while the rest of the world was being choked by the bankers who had simply restricted the flow of money world -side.   When the banks decided to destroy Hitler and make billions of dollars in doing so, and to rearrange the world to their liking,  they then created secretly sponsored Stalin and the USSR for 60 years, ( they even gave the USSR the atomic bomb). They did this until the US tax payers became so hopelessly in debt that the bankers had to finally pull the rug on the USSR and it collapsed in months. The banks then created the perfect boogey man- the terrorist- through cute little tricks such as 9-11- and they have been happily destroying country after country that refused to let them in to control their economy through the IMF, World Bank or through a central bank. That's what the destruction of Yugoslavia, Iraq, now Syria, Afghanistan, The Sudan, Somalia, of course Libya,  and soon to be Iran is all about.

I hope this helps you in your understanding of the world. But you knew all this before.

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