Reading through the policy platform of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, it's immediately apparent that PC Leader Tim Hudak loves families -mentioned 90 times in 44 pages -as much as he hates experiments.

"Expensive experiments have sent hydro bills skyrocketing," it reads.

Over and over the same phrase appears. Expensive experiments. Expensive experiments. And do you know what you'll get if the Liberals are re-elected? "More experiments with your money."

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The Great Biofuel Swindle

Wednesday, 14 April 2010 08:38

Want to make $100? It's easy. You send me $550. Cash or cheque. In exchange, I will send you a cool $100. Cash or cheque. Or a money order, if you prefer.

Is that a deal or what? No? Only a fool would fall for this? Well, then, the government of Canada is run by fools -- because it is about to implement a new environmental regulation which delivers $1 in benefit for every $5.50 it costs.

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  • Source © Ottawa Citizen
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